About Me

Key and Peele said it best, D-NICE!!!!!! Hi my name is Dannise Johnson, I am a young inspired 22 year old chasing my dreams in the broadcast industry. What can I say, I really started from the bottom…now I’m here.

I am hoping this website and my blogging about fitness and overall health will allow me educate my readers on how to take care of ones’ body. My sharing to multiple social media pages allows me to network with an array of readers while also making my own personal views better known. I’ve always had something to say! Whether it’s inspiration on relationships, providing advice on one’s own personal life, or something as simple as voicing my opinion personal on the latest celebrity gossip. This page is for you, my readers, as an outlet to get something (and by something I mean ANYTHING) off your chest, or just simply dropping words of wisdom. Stay tuned and happy blogging!

More so, I been through a lot of life experiences beginning after high school. I joined the United States Navy in 2012 and was stationed in California for 4 years. Discovering that any military branch will give you a certain type of structure and discipline,I thought as though I didn’t really get the type of discipline she was looking for. Nicknamed, “GI Jane”, I excelled quite nicely in the Navy, moving up in rank anytime the opportunity was given and made as many connections as I could possible. Traveled the world twice going on two deployments, there has been highs and lows associated with the Navy while I was in.  I gave birth to a beautiful boy named Clayton that is a blessing to me as well as growing and learning more about myself. When I got out the navy August of 2015 , I worked at a nice pizza store called Pizza Studio, which I loved, that became a routine for me. Earned the position as Assistant Manager in about three months and quit after about eight months. My California living came to an end when I moved back home to Ohio at the end of May.


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