Finals 2K17 Predictions


As the new season is nearing in approximately 20 days, I have been dwelling on one certain subject; Who will win the NBA Finals in 2017? With numerous teams making player transactions that will temporarily change that team to new head coaches, I believe that this season is one to really watch closely. Will the Cavaliers repeat? Will the Golden State Warriors plot revenge against their eastern rival?

The Westgate Las Vegas Superbook had its predictions on this upcoming season saying that the odds are in favor of the Golden State Warriors to win the finals next year with the Cavaliers closely behind.

In my opinion, I do believe the Cavaliers have, again, what it takes to step up to the plate and deliver yet another Espy Award winning performance. With many new comers in this years draft class and players finding their niche with their respective teams, no one would really know who to pick until after the All Star Break. Teams do not really come full circle and click until midway through the season.

Here is a look at the rookies of this season:

The Golden State Warriors played the Los Angeles Clippers last night their first preseason game of the upcoming season. Here is a look at what each team brings to the table:



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