The City of Cleveland

With the 2016 MLB season coming to a close and the World Series just around the corner, what two teams will remain in the end?

The Cleveland Indians 791px-cleveland_indians_logo-svgare ready to win their first World Series title since 1948. There are certain aspects that we are going to take a look at as to why you should root for the underdog. While Boston led the AL in batting average, Cleveland hitters has maintained a more balance attack in the postseasons.

One Cleveland advantage in this series was Corey Kluber, a legitimate ace and the main competition for Porcello in the Cy Young race. The only question was whether or not he was he was healthy.Turns out he is.Looking ahead to the ALCS with Toronto, the shorthanded Indians rotation will once again be tested by an elite offense. In this case, Blue Jays hitters already did serious damage to Texas pitchers in their own ALDS sweep. But no Toronto starter can match Kluber inning-for-inning. He’ll pitch twice in a sevtoronto_blue_jays2012_primaryen-game series and can swing the ALCS in Cleveland’s direction.

Cleveland’s far-lower-profile batters and starters performed at a high level.Collective confidence permeated the lineup too, with Chisenhall (.300, 4 RBI) and Jose Ramirez (.500, 4 R) leading the attack. These Tribe players seem like a seasoned bunch despite the roster’s minimal playoff experience. There’s even a little magic going on like what we saw in the game-winning home run by the forgotten Coco Crisp. With Boston out of the way, the path to the first Cleveland Indians World Series title in nearly 70 years is wide open.

October 25, 2016 could be the day…. A day where the city of Cleveland will yet again have something to lift their hands in the air and rejoice. Cleveland Cavaliers home opener against the New York Knicks, where they will present their championship rings. The Cleveland Indians could potentially be apart of the World Series. Cleveland is the place to be! Do you guys remember how crowded Cleveland was after the Finals? Could Cleveland come together again?

The Cavs was the first team from Cleveland that had restored the lost hope and if the Indians could again bring more that would set it off. Cleveland needs hope, after everything we had been through with the economy and market, Indians could be another spark. The Browns are a different story.

The Cleveland Browns have a better chance of winning a coin toss than they do a game the rest of this season.That’s the bottom line when examining the Browns’ chances on a game-by-game basis, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

The gruesome reality: If the Browns don’t get it done in Tennessee or against the Jets, a 14-game losing streak to start the season leading into the Chargers game is on the table.

The Browns are estimated to win their first game against the San Diego Chargers on  Christmas Eve. We will see if they can pull that off. Hopefully they can get their team together before then and win more before then.

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