Outside of me discussing trending sports topics and the latest debate gossip, in my spare time I do enjoy being motivated. Whether its listening to a motivational speaker or watching a video, I am able to find my inspiration from the the most simplest things.

I used to be a frequent follower of Christ. Going with my dad every Sunday was something that I really looked forward to. Listening to the pastor read aloud bible versus and speak these words of wisdom into my brain is sometimes overwhelming but also inspirational. I have a tattoo of my favorite bible verse on my shoulder.

If any of you had not noticed, I am big into sports and most importantly basketball. I have been playing basketball since the age of five and nothing has held be back since. I lettered as freshman and played all 4 years varsity basketball. After living in California for a while I joined this woman’s league and played games every Sunday evening. While making friends out I came across someone who became by workout partner and we was always playing ball together. She introduced the idea of me trying out to play basketball overseas. I attended a basketball combine in Indianapolis last year and was lucky to be scouted my the manager from Russia. I declined the offer because I did not attend the combine to get looks or play overseas; I attended that combine for the exposure and experience.